John started his professional dance career somewhat later in life studying social ballroom dance with Kem Overby at the Asheville Ballroom and with
Foster and Judy Lampert of DanceLovers USA.

He began advanced ballroom studies with Rob Rizutto of Studio Rizutto, Bob Mitchell of Mitchell Dance Systems and
intensive Shag workshops with Don Bunn, Sam West and Ellen Taylor.

John professional life as a dance instructor began when he joined Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Charlotte, NC. While there
John received teacher training from Corky Ballas, Jack Davy, Jean-Marc Casanave and Chantal LeClerc among others.

Fred Astaire Charlotte is one of the largest and most respected studios in the region and requires the highest standards of knowledge, ability
and professionalism in the industry. While at Fred Astaire, John was a top performer, known for his fun, entertaining teaching style and communication skills.

John is available for private and group lessons. He also provides specialized classes for weddings, special events, anniversaries,
reunions and just plain fun!

Tel: 828 712 0791